Monday, 23 January 2012

Human Body Project

In November we started to read the first book from series "100 facts". Daria decided "100 facts on The Human Body". It took us a month to finish. Slowly 3 facts a day in bad time. We discussed a lot as well while reading. Almost all body parts were translated into Polish and Russian to give her wider understanding as that subject has not been covered in schools she had no chance so far to meet the vocabulary. Nevertheless she heard a lot from us but in Polish or Russian. 

In meanwhile I found in local shop other book "The Human Body Project".

It includes:
- 16- page Book

 - A1 Wall Poster

- Stencils

- More than 100 stickers

I found it very interesting as for our purposes. It is written in a language that is understandable for Daria and gives the most knowledge I consider is accurate as for 7- years old girls. 

Daria learned the main human bones. We created the poster using the stencil and pencil. She wrote by herself the names of the bones. 

I photocopied and laminated 3 layer body chart: bones, muscles and skin.

Then I photocopied few pictures of body parts from the first book as they were more clear and created the activities for learning the names.

1. Bones of human skeleton.

2. Areas of brain responsible for 5 senses
3. 5 Senses: Sight, Heating, Smell, Taste and Touch

That day Daria helped me to make those pictures, to cut and laminate them. Unfortunately until today we had no chance to work with them.

Today we wanted to check if Daria remembers any of the work after a month from the day we made the activity. I was really surprised. She did very well. Only few names she dislocated and they were very difficult.

These are the results. (Sorry for the background noise - that's Igor looking for his ball (piłka - in polish))

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