Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sand paper letters 2

In the evening Igor took the Sand paper letters form the shelf. He knows all sounds well for a long time. Now we need to get used to the shapes of written cursive alphabet. He's touching is not perfect yet. I mean he does not want to trace them in the proper way, but it does not matter. The most important is he recognizes them properly, names the sounds of letters and tries to trace them as was shown. Few weeks and he will master them.

After tracing we got the idea to start matching the sand paper letters to the movable alphabet. I did not buy the original Montessori alphabet, but one I found in local book shop. Letters are smaller but I am really happy with the type of fonts they represent. It is cursive writing, very similar to the ELEMNTARZ font I used for sand paper letters.  Daria was very helpful this time. She introduced Igor to the sense of this activity and helped controlled his errors specially when "p" was turned upside-down and was read as "d".

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