Friday, 3 February 2012

Number rods.

These are ten wooden rods varying in length. Each rod is coloured in an alternating red and blue pattern. The first rod is red. The second, divided into two sections, is red and blue. The rods go on until the last rod is divided into ten sections. We have the shorter version of them. Number rods are the next step after Red rods, which are the same shape and just red colour.

There are few exercises with number rods. You can start with mixing the rods on a mat. Ask your child to build them into a stair, starting from shortest to longest with the red rods even on the left side.

After that, you can use the 3 period lesson. Introduce each of the rods naming it number. Point to one and say, “This is one.” Point to two and say, “This is two.” Then pointing with your finger count the sections, “one, two.” Start with 2 or 3 number rods to begin with. Add number rods as your child masters the lesson. Repeat until your child really understands counting and the association of numbers to the rods.

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