Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pink reading material - part 2

Phonetic reading material

Once your child knows the phonetic sounds and has learned to build words, you can introduce him to the Pink reading material.

As I said last time Igor prefers sticking words on a sheet with pictures so I did not use the first two steps at pink material. I will describe them a little bit and share the material with you as I prepared them all at once.

First step is Box of objects and cards: the child identifies and sets out the objects
(usually 6) in 2 horizontal rows. You show one of the cards which have corresponding words written on them and asked to say the sounds starting at the left. The child is encouraged to say the sounds faster and faster until a word can be heard. The card is placed below its object. The child continues until all words are read.
  • Pictures and cards: as previous exercise except pictures are used instead of objects
  • Large Pink Sheet and cards: a sheet containing 6 pictures. The child sounds out and reads the words as before, matching the cards to the pictures. (These were shown on previous post.)

Next steps are:
  • Pink Wall Lists: lists of “pink” words for the child to read. There are no pictures to act as support in reading. Lists are hung around the house.
  • Pink Booklets: small booklets with one “pink” word on every second page for the child to read.
  • Secrets Boxes: pink box containing folded pieces of coloured paper, each with a “pink” word written on it. The child takes one piece at a time and reads to him/herself, encouraging silent reading.
I created as well the activities where Igor can place the missing beginning end ending sounds.

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