Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cylinders Blocks 2

Igor has been using Cylinder blocks for a long time, there was even one post with pictures before but today I decided to write few words about this material.

They practise the Visual and Muscular Discrimination of Dimension

The Cylinders Blocks set consists of four wooden blocks each containing 10 cylinders.

The cylinders in Blocks 1 and 2 vary in height and diameter;

in Block 3, they vary in diameter 

and in Block 4 they vary in height.

All cylinders are handled using the pincer grip. The control of error for Blocks 1 to 3 is that each cylinder only fits its corresponding socket; for Block 4, the control is visual only. The exercise is usually done on a table but we do it on the flour as Igor prefers this position.

  • Remove and replace the cylinders of one block: Blocks 1 – 3 at first, then Block 4
  • Use 2 cylinder blocks together: parallel pattern
  • Use 3 cylinder blocks together: triangular pattern
  • Use 4 cylinder blocks together: square pattern

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